Benefits of a Word Dial Vanity Number

Numerous studies show that Word Dial Vanity Numbers (a/k/a novelty numbers) attract more callers who are qualified "by both desire, and ability, to buy your product or services" (Source:  PRWeekly).  Vanity phone numbers are more memorable therefore they work harder for your business marketing budget providing numerous benefits.

Bar chart showing 14 times more memory recall with a vanity number over plain numeric

  Increased sales   Keep customers out of the yellow pages
  Longer retention   They work 24/7, 365 days for you
  Brand recognition   Ad response rates can increase over 30%
  Happier customers   Use campain analysis reports
  It's affordable   They are 14 times easier to recall
  Gain distinction   Have exclusivity of a number
  Word-of-mouth referral marketing improves   Add immediate value to your business
  They speak for themselves   Add status and distinction and boost reputation
  Increases ROI (return on investment)   Can be used across multiple ad channels
  Improves customer feedback contact points   Improves customer service contact points

You can have what the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies use to enhance their business.  See for yourself what your return on investment with a Word Dial Vanity Number can achieve with our VanityROI™ Calculator